Alder invests in Nordic companies in the sustainable technology sector

Alder is a Sweden-based company that makes majority investments in the Nordic sustainable technology sector. We want to contribute to building strong Nordic companies that can make their mark in the international arena . Our investment focus is on established companies that can demonstrate profitable growth.

We are currently five partners with extensive experience in entrepreneurial companies and broad insight into the industry. Together with our network of experienced industrialists and experts, we contribute with the management and governance skills necessary to take the company to the next level.

Henrik Blomé new partner at Alder

Alder is pleased to announce that Henrik Blomé will join the firm as a Partner as of September 2017. Henrik Blomé, 43 years old, has more than 15 years of experience from Private Equity investments in the Nordic countries. Link to the press release can be found in the headline.

2017-06-14 | Press release

Alder’s portfolio company r2p acquires Nimbus Journey Information and React Technologies

Alder's portfolio company r2p has acquired all the shares in Nimbus Journey Information and React Technologies Limited. Link to the company’s press relase can be found in the headline.

2017-06-13 | Press release

About Alder

Alder is a private equity firm that creates opportunities for Nordic companies in the sustainable technology sector to accelerate growth, strategic development and geographic expansion. Alder's role as an active owner is to besides adding capital, contribute with our expertise and wide network of industrialists and experts to strengthen the board and provide strategic advice.

Alder was founded in 2008 where initiatives for a new fund were taken and reached a first close in July 2010 (vintage). One year later, the closing of the first fund, Alder Fund I, was announced with total assets under management of SEK 1.1 billion. Alder is a private limited company (Sw. Aktiebolag) registered and based in Sweden.

Industry and geographic focus

Alder invests primarily in established Nordic companies, but also seeks investment opportunities in other parts of Europe and the German speaking countries in particular.

Alder's definition of the sustainable technology sector are companies with a value proposition based on an environmental benefit that is economically competitive and productive products, processes or services that use less material and/or energy, generate less waste, and cause less environmental damage than the alternatives.

Investment criteria

Alder's main investment criteria are established companies with revenues between SEK 100-750 million (with exception for add-on acquisitions for our portfolio companies). We are primarily interested in majority ownership, preferably with the management team and the board as significant minority owners.

Our general investment criteria:
- minimum turnover of SEK 100 million
- established and profitable business model, preferably with clear growth potential
- well-defined and manageable risks that can be substantiated
- room for an active ownership role, in general with majority ownership
- strong management team with capabilites to execute on a business plan
- clear exit opportunities

Corporate governance and value creation

Alder's ambition is to work in partnership with the management team and the board to develop and expand the business and create long-term and sustainable value for investors, employees, customers and other stakeholders. However, although Alder takes on an active ownership role, the management will always be fully responsible for carrying out all operational activites. The Chairman of the Board is always external but is often recruited from or via Alder's network.

The strategic development of a company can for example be: add-on acquisitions of complementary businesses or technologies, geographic expansion to new markets, new fields of application for existing product assortment or establishing best practice and more efficient internal processes.

After achieving the strategic objectives, formulated in conjunction with co-owners and management, it is natural for Alder to step aside from our engagement - usually by selling the company or through an IPO (initial public offering).

Our investors

Alder has a strong base of well-reputed investors from Nordic and international pension funds, insurance companies, banks and industrial families (e.g. LGT, AP7, Klaveness, Alandia and the Swedish Church Pension Fund).

Investor relations contact:

Alder - investor distribution overview:

Responsible investments

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) - i.e. taking responsibility for the company's impact on its environment and stakeholders - is a well-integrated part in Alder's investment strategy and continuous work of supporting and developing our portfolio companies. We strongly believe that increased focus on sustainability and resource efficiency has a clear link to financial as well as competitive advantages on the market.

Prior to making a new investment, a thorough ESG-analysis of the company is made. The progress is also monitored during the holding period with the ambition to be proactive and improve constantly. Alder cooperates with a network of experienced consultants, representing EIRIS, in order to support the porfolio companies as much as possible in their ESG improvements. Since 2012, Alder is a signatory to United Nations' Principles for Responsible Investments (UNPRI) - an initiative from the UN to promote responsible investments. Furthermore, we always strive to abide by the recommendations and guidelines from the Swedish Venture Capital Association (SVCA), of which we are a member.

The Alder team

Alder is a dedicated team of partners and investment professionals based in Stockholm and established regional partners and advisors in the rest of the Nordics and Europe.

Bruno Wanske - Regional Partner

Bruno is Alder’s regional partner in the DACH countries and has over 25 years of experience in transaction and buyout investments in Western Europe. He was previously managing partner at Pricoa Capital Group and partner at ECM Equity Capital Management. Bruno joined Alder in 2014.

Terje Rogne - Regional Partner

Terje has extensive experience from various CFO and operational positions, among others from Tandberg and the engineering company Kvaerner AS. He is today a professional board member sitting as a Chairman for Nokas AS and holds several board positions in companies within the marine, security and IT sector. Terje joined Alder in 2013.

Juho Lipsanen - Regional Partner

Juho has CEO and CFO experience within the industrial, media and telecom sectors from ABB, Alma Media and TeliaSonera. Juho’s passion has always been in cleantech. He is Chairman of the board for three environmental companies in wind power, bioenergy and environmental clearing services. Juho joined Alder in 2012.

Alder board positions: Aidon, Satel, Gasmet

Ina Smolander - Analyst

Ina joined Alder as an analyst in 2016. She holds a MSc degree in Finance at Hanken School of Economics.

Keiward Pham - Investment Professional

Keiward started at Alder as an intern and joined as an analyst in 2012. He has previous work experience from corporate finance and the specialty chemicals industry. Keiward holds a Master degree in Accounting & Financial Management at Stockholm School of Economics.

Keiward is currently board observer at Nordic Water, R2P and Umia.

Henrik Lindholm - Investment Professional

Henrik was Alder’s first employee as an intern and returned for a full-time position in 2012. He has previous work experience from an investment company and a VAT consultancy firm. Henrik holds a MSc in Finance at Stockholm School of Economics and has studied abroad at NUS in Singapore.

Henrik is currently board member at Powerbox and observer at Jernforsen and Satel.

Arash Raisse - Investment Manager

Arash has prior to joining Alder worked at Karnell where he was involved in several acquisitions of unlisted companies. He has also worked at Morgan Stanley in London within M&A and as intern at various investment banks and management consultancy firms. Arash holds a Master degree from Stockholm School of Economics and has also studied at University of Madison and UCLA Anderson School of Management. Arash is currently board observer at Gasmet.

Alder board positions: Jernforsen, Aidon

Thomas Nilsson - Partner and Chairman

Thomas is partner and Chairman of Alder and has more than 25 years of experience of investing in growth companies. He has worked for many years within the Wallenberg sphere as the Managing Director of Export-Invest, part of management team of Investor AB and was one of the initiators of Investor Growth Capital. Active long term ownership has always been a guiding principle for Thomas, which has given him in-depth experience of corporate governance from a large number of both private and listed directorships.

Jonas Frick - Partner and Founder

Jonas is a partner and founder of Alder and has long experience as a corporate executive and investor. He is responsible for the portfolio companies R2P, Umia and Jernforsen. Jonas is also responsible for the Danish market.

Prior to Alder, Jonas was previously Managing Director of SLS Venture, one of the largest biotech investor in the Nordics. Prior to that he was MD of Medivir, which got listed under his management. He also has 15 years of experience from starting and developing different lines of business for Pharmacia’s international expansion. In addition to this Jonas has been a business consultant for Indevo, where he focused on growth and turnaround management.

Alder board positions: Jernforsen, R2P, Umia, Nordic Water, Gasmet

Henrik Flygar - Partner and Founder

Henrik is a partner and founder of Alder and has extensive experience from investments in small and medium sized companies. He is responsible for the portfolio companies Powerbox and Nordic Water Products. Henrik is also responsible for the Norwegian and German markets together with Terje Rogne and Bruno Wanske respectively.

Prior to Alder, Henrik worked at 3i where he led a number of investments similar to those of Alder. He has also spent several years working with private equity investments for Goldman Sachs in London. Henrik has over 20 years of experience from leading financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs Investment Banking, Morgan Stanley, Alfred Berg Fondkommission and 3i.

Alder board positions: Powerbox, Nordic Water, Umia, R2P

Dag Broman - Partner and Founder

Dag is a partner and founder of Alder and has wide experience as consultant and advisor to both private and institutional investors in the environmental technology sector. He is responsible for the portfolio companies Aidon, Satel and Gasmet and was previously responsible for the divested investment in Dinair. Dag is also responsible for the Finnish market together with Juho Lipsanen.

Prior to Alder, Dag was Professor and Head of one of the larger Nordic research institutions within Applied Environmental Sciences at Stockholm University. In parallel, Dag worked as an advisor and consultant within this field for several Nordic industries as well as for national and international R&D organizations and authorities. He was also national expert in EU Framework Programs for Research and Innovation in the evaluation of partnerships between academia and SMEs in e.g. environmental science and technology.

Alder board positions: Aidon, Satel, Gasmet

Henrik Blomé - Partner

Henrik is partner at Alder since 2017 and has extensive experience of active ownership and private equity investments in the Nordics. He has previously worked at the listed investment company Ratos for 15 years where he was deputy CEO and led an investment team. Prior to Ratos, Henrik worked as management consultant at Bain & Company.

Alder board positions: Satel

Henrik Blomé


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