Our world faces major challenges: climate change, increasingly scarce resources, and increasing population. Alder invests in companies where conditions for profitable growth are driven by these challenges and which can contribute to solutions of them.

Our portfolio companies create value through environmental benefits such as reduced consumption of energy and resources, reduced emissions to air and water and reduced waste. We also take social and financial responsibility, by working for good working conditions and actively counteracting corruption by other things.

Our way of working

We are passionate about developing companies for sustainable growth and have proven processes and tools for this work.

When evaluating potential investments, we always analyse them from a sustainability perspective. In addition to evaluating environmental benefits in the business model, we look at social conditions and the company’s governance, identifying both opportunities and risks.

If we choose to invest in the company, a sustainability plan is defined with clear goals, linked to the business plan. Alder supports companies in their sustainability journey with tools and expertise and with regular follow-up on the board.

Alder has been affiliated with PRI, the United Nations Agency for Responsible Investments since 2012. In the 2020 PRI assessment, Alder achieved once again the highest score (A+) in both assessed modules.  PRI transparency report 2020.

We live as we learn.

We demand a lot from our portfolio companies, but also from ourselves. Our attitude towards customers, employees, investors and the communities in which we are present is characterized by commitment, honesty, transparency and a clear ethical compass.

Our funds are Swedish limited companies.

Download Alder’s Code of Conduct here.

Download Alder’s Responsible Investment Policy here.

Download Alder’s Sustainability Report 2018 here.

Download Alder’s Sustainability Report 2019 here.

Our Contribution

Our portfolio companies contribute to the global goals of sustainable development.

The world’s leaders have committed themselves to 17 Global Objectives by 2030 to achieve four overall goals: abolishing extreme poverty, reducing inequalities and injustices in the world, promoting peace and justice and solving the climate crisis. In order for the goals to be achieved, both countries and companies must try to find solutions and push development forward. Alder’s portfolio companies contributes to several of the global goals.

Some examples:

Goal 2 – No Hunger

With an increasing population and more difficult conditions for agriculture, with water shortage, climate change and deteriorating soil quality, sustainable agriculture and production of nutritious food is an important issue in the future. Satel’s products can be used for more efficient and more environmentally friendly farming, with reduced use of pesticides and higher productivity as a consequence.

Goal 7 – Sustainable energy for all

Access to modern and renewable energy is a prerequisite for meeting several of the world’s challenges. Today fossil energy accounts for 80% of global energy supply and also for a large proportion of greenhouse gas emissions. As well as an increasing demand for energy, new and better solutions are required. Aidon develops smart network technology and services and smart energy measurement, enabling new distribution solutions for renewable energy sources.

Goal 12 – Sustainable consumption and production

Conversion to sustainable consumption and production is necessary to reduce negative impacts on climate, the environment and human health and means that we need to streamline the use of resources.

Umia’s coordinated working methods in installation projects mean major savings in material use and reduced waste.

Goal 6 – Clean water and sanitary

Goal 14 – Marine and marine resources

Pure water is a shortage of resources and one of the major challenges of the future. In addition, life in sea is threatened by emissions. Nordic Water develops water treatment systems for drinking water, sewers and industry. Thanks to clever, compact design, Nordic Waters system also works in densely populated areas.

Goal 13 – Fighting Climate change

Climate change is one of today’s biggest challenges with serious consequences for ecosystems, human security, food production and water supply, as well as increased risk of weather-related natural disasters. Gasmet develops systems for measuring and controlling gas emissions and carbon dioxide levels in the soil. Systems that enable research, control and reduced emissions of gases.