About Alder

We create the right conditions for development.

Alder is a Nordic investment fund with the goal of creating good opportunities for sustainable technology companies to accelerate growth and strategic development. All our companies are able to deliver an environmental benefit, e.g. through efficient management of resources. In the role of an active owner, we add skills and capital, along with a wide network of industrialists and experts who can strengthen the boards and provide strategic advice.


Today we are six partners with long experience of entrepreneurial companies and broad insights in the industry. Together with our network of experienced industrialists and experts, we contribute management and governance expertise to take the companies to the next level. Just like the companies we are interested in, we simply do what we do the best.

Our History

The idea of Alder arose when some of us in a discussion discovered that we, each from different perspectives, saw the potential of developing and investing in Nordic sustainable technology companies. Everyone had noticed that many Nordic companies were at the forefront of technology development, but at the same time had good opportunities to grow through more offensive investments, based on their environmental benefits. We also agreed that sustainability is a necessity.

The different experiences and backgrounds are important in this context – the collaboration was already from the beginning built on complementary skills and a common vision. Together we established the fund Alder I in 2010 – a fund that is now fully invested through investments in nine companies. 2018 Alder II was established.

The alder tree is a pioneer plant, first in place when new land is formed, and with its fine network of roots, recognized as an industrious soil improver.

Our name represents development, persistence, collaboration and sustainability.

With a multitude of competencies and the drive to break new grounds for a sustainable, better future, we recognize ourselves in the description. Relentlessly, we move the positions until we reach our goal – along with the companies we believe in the most.

Industry and Focus

We strive to create real change and our goal is to be the Nordic region’s foremost investor in sustainable technology companies.

Our investments focus on established companies with profitable growth and sales of between 100 and 750 million SEK. Alder invests primarily as majority owner in companies that are established in the Nordic countries, but can also invest selectively in the rest of Europe, especially in the German speaking countries.


Creating Value

Alder’s ambition is to develop and expand portfolio companies in partnership with management and the board to create long-term and lasting value for investors, employees, customers and other stakeholders. The development can be:
  • Geographic expansion
  • Product development
  • Acquisition of complementary operations or technologies
  • Efficient internal processes

When we have reached the goals we have formulated together, it is natural for Alder to step down. Usually through a divestment or an initial public offering.


Alder investerarbas fördelning:

Fond Storlek: 1,1 Miljarder

Alder har en stark finansiell bas av välrenommerade investerare från nordiska och internationella pensionsfonder, försäkringsbolag, banker och industrifamiljer (exv. LGT, 7:e AP-fonden, Klaveness, Alandia och Miljöstrategiska Stiftelsen).

Investor relations contact:

Henrik Flygar

+46 706 66 07 79

Investor base

Alder has a strong financial base of reputable investors as Nordic and international pension funds, insurance companies, banks and industrial families (e.g. LGT, 7th AP Fund, Klaveness, Alandia, the Environmental Strategy Foundation and the Swedish Church). We have established funds totaling SEK 2 billion.

Next step

Alder is looking for companies ready to take the next step!

We are constantly looking for companies with a drive and desire to develop. Our investments focus on established companies with profitable growth and sales between 100 and 750 million SEK as well as add-on acquisitions, that may be less.

We prefer majority ownership in the companies we invest in, preferably with management and board as significant minority investors. Click here for contacting someone in our team.


Alder investorbas fördelning: