About Alder

Alder is a Nordic investment fund with the aim of creating good opportunities for sustainable technology companies to accelerate growth and strategic development. All our companies contribute some environmental benefit, for example through resource efficiency. In our role as active owner, we bring skills and capital, together with a broad network of industrialists and experts who strengthen boards and provide strategic advice.


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Today, we are six partners with extensive experience in entrepreneur-led businesses and a broad understanding of the industry. Together with our network of experienced industrialists and experts, we bring management and ownership expertise to take companies to the next level. Just like the companies we are interested in, we simply do what we do best.


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The idea for Alder came about when some of us in a discussion discovered that we each saw the potential in developing and investing in Nordic sustainable technology companies from different perspectives. Everyone had noticed that there were many Nordic companies that were far ahead in technology development, but at the same time had good opportunities to grow through more aggressive investments, based on their environmental advantages. We also agreed that sustainability is a necessity.

The different experiences and backgrounds are important in this context - the cooperation was based on complementary skills and a common vision from the very beginning. Together we built an organisation and established the Alder I fund in 2010 - a fund that is now fully invested through investments in nine companies. Alder II was established in 2018.

Alder is the Old Norse and English name for alder. The tree is a pioneer plant, first in place when new soil is formed, and with its fine network of roots, the alder is a recognised and persistent soil conditioner.

Our name represents development, purpose, cooperation and sustainability.

With a diversity of skills and the drive to break new ground for a sustainable, better future, we recognise ourselves in the description. We are committed to achieving our goals - together with the companies we believe in most.


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We strive to create real change and our goal is to be the Nordic region's leading investor in sustainable technology companies.

Our investments focus on established companies with profitable growth and a turnover of between SEK 100 and 750 million. Alder invests primarily as a majority shareholder in companies established in the Nordic region, but may also invest selectively in the rest of Europe, in particular in German-speaking countries.

During our ownership, we develop our portfolio companies into something truly future-proof and sustainable.

Eva Normell, Sustainability Officer



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Alder's ambition is to develop and expand the portfolio companies in partnership with management and the board to create long-term and lasting value for investors, employees, customers and other stakeholders. Development may include:

  • Geographical expansion
  • Product development
  • Acquisition of complementary businesses or technologies
  • More efficient internal processes

When we have reached the goals we have jointly formulated, it is natural for Alder to step down from its commitment. Usually through a sale of the company or an IPO.

Alder is looking for companies that are ready to take the next step.

We are always on the lookout for companies with the drive and desire to develop. Our investments focus on established companies with profitable growth and a turnover of between SEK 100 and 750 million, as well as additional acquisitions, which may be smaller.

We prefer majority ownership in the companies we invest in, preferably with management and board as significant minority investors. Click here to contact the team.