Alder II investerar i Centriair

Alder invests in Centriair, a leading industrial airborne odour and emissions treatment company

Stockholm – December 6, 2021 – Alder II AB (“Alder”), a Nordic investment fund focusing on the development of sustainable technology and services companies, closed an investment in Centriair Holding AB and its subsidiaries (“Centriair” or the “Company”). Alder will partner with Centriair’s founders and management to continue the growth journey of the Company.

Centriair, founded in 2007, designs, develops and delivers airborne odour and volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions abatement systems for process industries, resulting in lower concentrations of harmful gases and aerosols. The Company has a leading offering for demanding applications and a strong position in the waste, food and biogas segments in primarily the Nordics, DACH and the UK. Centriair has a recent history of strong growth, increasing its revenues by an annual growth rate of 50% in the past six years. The growth is attributable to a competitive technology offering and growing demand based on changing customer preferences and stricter regulation.

Environmental sustainability is an important aspect of Centriair’s business model, offering solutions that help remove harmful aerosols and gases from process air, providing clean air within industrial processing environments and public spaces. The Company is headquartered in Sävedalen, Sweden, and has an annual turnover of ca. 100 MSEK with ca. 40 employees. Alder will provide capital, network and experience from other investments in related fields such as air filters and gas emissions analysis. Furthermore, Mats R Karlsson will join as Chairman providing considerable industrial and growth experience.

“Centriair is a company in an attractive market that has shown impressive growth in the past few years. Run by a highly competent and entrepreneurial team, the Company continuously aims to deliver a leading technology offering within its field. We look forward to working in unison with the founders, management and Board to continue the Company’s growth journey”

says Dag Broman, Partner at Alder

“At Centriair we can be proud of the success we have achieved thus far. The success has enabled us to now strengthen the owner base by taking in significant capital to invest into the business and continue our growth journey. We have built a mutual trust with Alder and believe in their ability to support us in this next phase.”

says Jack Delin, CEO and Co-Founder of Centriair

For more information please contact:

Dag Broman
Partner at Alder
Mobile +46 70 516 40 18

Jack Delin
CEO Centriair Holding
Phone +46 70 777 87 81

About Centrair A/S

Centriair was founded in 2007 and develops technology leading solutions for the abatement of industrial airborne emissions, primarily in the Nordics and DACH regions. Centriair works on behalf of customers within the biogas, waste, wastewater and food segments to meet emissions requirements of customers, authorities and the public.

For more information, visit www.centrair.com

About Alder

Alder II AB is a Nordic investment fund with the goal of creating the best possible conditions for long-term development of sustainable technology and services companies. With a mix of industrial and financial expertise and with the interest in entrepreneurship as a driving force, Alder creates profitable growth in close companionship with our companies.

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