Alder investerar i Insort, en ledande aktör inom optisk sortering av livsmedel

Alder invests in Insort, a leader in advanced machine vision solutions for food processing applications

Alder, a Nordic investment fund focusing on developing environmentally sustainable companies, has closed an investment in Insort GmbH (“Insort” or the “Company”). Alder has, as a new majority owner of Insort, partnered with the founder and management to support the growth journey of the Company.

Insort, established in 2011, pioneered the adoption of the Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) technology within the food processing industry and has stayed at the forefront of developing solutions for food sorting and inspection. The advanced HSI-technology provides detailed chemical profiles of products and offers a depth of information beyond that of traditional visual sensors. Over the past decade, Insort has developed several HSI-based product solutions catering to various food types and the Company has continuously gained market share. Insort is headquartered in Kirchberg an der Raab, Austria, and has operations in Europe and North America. Insort has a track record of profitable organic growth and generated over 15 MEUR in revenues in 2022.

Insort operates in a growing market, supported by structural growth drivers such as automation and increasing requirements for food safety and efficiency. Insort supports environmental sustainability through reducing food waste and its solutions promote improved food quality and food safety for consumers. As the new majority owner, Alder will support Insort in continuing its growth journey within current and new applications and geographies, both organically and through acquisitions.

“We are very happy to announce this investment for Alder in Insort, which provides customers with a unique and highly capable technology that generates improved food safety, reduced food waste and efficient production processes. Insort is a an exciting investment for Alder with strong organic growth potential and it will be a strong platform for further acquisitions.”

says Dag Broman, Partner at Alder

“Since foundation in 2011, we at Insort have achieved great success in establishing ourselves as a leading player with new technology in the sorting and inspection markets. After growing into several food segments and geographies, we are now ready to take a major next step in our growth journey by partnering with Alder for further expansion.”

says Matthias Jeindl, Founder and CEO of Insort

For more information, please contact:

Dag Broman
Partner at Alder
Tel. +46 705 16 40 18

Matthias Jeindl
CEO of Insort
Tel. +43 3115 21 786

About Insort GmbH

Founded in 2011, Insort GmbH is one of the global technology leaders in vision solutions for the food industry. Insort GmbH focuses on the development, manufacturing and marketing of digital sorting and control systems based on their proprietary Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®). CIT® is a hyperspectral imaging technology designed for maximum performance, which enables the classification of food products based on their chemical composition and is used inline and in real time.

In a very short time, Insort has managed to establish itself globally in the highly competitive digital sorting market with its successful machine series under the name Sherlock. The company currently employs ~60 people at 3 locations (Austria, USA, Canada).

For more information, visit insort.at

About Alder

Alder is a Nordic investment fund with the goal of creating the best possible conditions for long-term development of environmentally sustainable technology and services companies. With a mix of industrial and financial expertise and with the interest in entrepreneurship as a driving force, Alder creates profitable growth in close companionship with our companies.

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