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r2pTracking och SkyCom går samman för att bilda EcoMobility Group

r2pTracking and SkyCom join forces to establish EcoMobility Group

Viborg/Niederdonven – April 14th, 2023 – r2pTracking ApS (”r2pTracking”) in Denmark together with SkyCom S.à r.l. (”SkyCom”) in Luxembourg have announced to join forces to establish a new pan-European company within the telematics industry named EcoMobility Group.

SkyCom is the leading telematics solution provider in Luxembourg, established in 1994 by Claude Lenert in Niederdonven as one of the first telematics companies in Europe. The company has been on the leading edge of innovation and quality-focused, sustainable, fleet management services. SkyCom has evolved over the years and is today employing more than 35 people and reaching more than 1,400 customers in Luxembourg and the greater region.

“Being the founder of SkyCom, I had to start thinking about the future for the company, our employees, our customers, and about my personal future. Together with Bernd Junk, having worked for SkyCom for more than 20 years and as CEO since 2019, and Bjarne Nielsen as a business parter from Denmark, we started to make plans for deeper collaboration. We identified Alder, a Nordic investment fund based in Stockholm, who have a strong mission and track record in developing sustainable technology companies, to finance our merger. I am excited to be a part of this continued journey as a co-owner and look forward to the future achievements of the EcoMobility Group.”

says Claude Lenert, founder of SkyCom

“I look forward to continuing building on the last 25 years with SkyCom as a partner under the EcoMobility Group. We see strong synergies in combining our forces and strengthening our product and services offering to our combined customer base of 8,000 customers.”

says Bjarne Nielsen, CEO of r2pTracking

For more information, please contact:

Bjarne Nielsen
CEO of r2pTracking

Bernd Junk
CEO of SkyCom

About EcoMobility Group

EcoMobility Group is a SaaS and telematics solution provider that enables businesses to operate their vehicles and assets in a more sustainable and profitable way. The Group is a result of the merger of r2pTracking ApS (”r2pTracking”) in Denmark and SkyCom S.à r.l. (”SkyCom”) in Luxembourg with ca. 70 FTEs and 8,000 customers combined.

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Alder II förvärvar r2pTracking ApS

Alder has acquired r2pTracking, an innovative provider of software solutions within vehicle telematics and fleet management

Stockholm – January 3rd, 2023 – Alder II AB (“Alder”), a Nordic investment fund focusing on the development of sustainable companies, has acquired all the shares in r2pTracking ApS (“r2pTracking” or the “Company”) from r2p Group GmbH. Alder will become majority owner of r2pTracking and will partner with the founder and Board to continue the growth journey of the Company.

r2pTracking, founded in 1997, provides proprietary developed hardware-enabled software solutions within vehicle telematics and fleet management solutions in Denmark. The Company is headquartered in Viborg, Denmark, with 31 employees and has a track record of profitable growth with annual turnover of ca. 40 MDKK and ca. 45,000 connected devices across a variety of customer segments.

The telematics industry is fuelled by fundamental growth drivers and need of operational efficiency, regulatory requirements, the insurance industry as well as increasing environmental focus. The industry offers attractive business fundamentals with recurring revenues and high customer stickiness. The environmental benefits are related to reduced fuel emissions by optimising driver routes, predicting traffic, and visualising and analysing driving habits.

“We know the Company and team well from before and are very much looking forward to partner up with Bjarne Nielsen and his team again. As the new majority owner, Alder will provide capital and experience to support the Company to accelerate its growth journey through geographical expansion, M&A and further developments of the organisation and competitive offering.”

says Keiward Pham, Investment Director at Alder

“I am looking forward to working with Alder again and getting full focus on what we do best – namely tracking, fleet management and operational efficiency. At the same time, we look forward to taking an even bigger step into the European market. I would like to take this opportunity to thank r2p Group, and in particular Flemming Kær, for 9 years of good cooperation.”

says Bjarne Nielsen, CEO of r2pTracking

For more information, please contact:

Keiward Pham
Director at Alder
Tel. +46 725 09 48 48

Bjarne Nielsen
Founder and CEO of r2pTracking
Tel. +45 70 20 06 98

About r2pTracking ApS

r2pTracking, founded in 1997, is a GPS tracking and fleet management provider that supplies proprietary developed hardware-enabled software solutions for a wide range of customer needs. The Company has grown into one of the largest telematics providers in Denmark following a strong focus on organic growth coupled with recent acquisitions and has today ca. 45,000 connected devices across a variety of customer segments.

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About Alder

Alder II AB is a Nordic investment fund with AUM amounting to SEK 1.5 bn and with the goal of creating the best possible conditions for long-term development of sustainable technology and services companies. With a mix of industrial and financial expertise and with the interest in entrepreneurship as a driving force, Alder creates profitable growth in close companionship with our companies.